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Richard Ellis Actor, Age, Wife, Height, Father, Sister, Netflix, I am not okay with this

Who is Richard Ellis?

The Netflix series “I Am Not Okay with This” has garnered thousands of followers shortly after it aired in February of 2020. With the popularity of the series, the actors and actresses contributing to the story also got immense fame and appraisal. Like any other series revolving around high school, this series has a boy who has a thrashy attitude and gets the girls. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

As it happens, “I Am Not Okay with This” also has someone portraying the stereotypical character, and he is none other than Richard Ellis. He blends with the role like color in a canvas and highlights his parts. Pretty impressive, right? Please scroll down to explore more of his personal life and career initials.

Celebrated NameRichard Ellis
Series PlayedI Am Not Okay with This
Series NameBrad Lewis
Age23 years old
Birth Date1996
Birth PlaceUnited States
ProfessionActor and Producer
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight75 kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)
Social MediaInstagram Profile

Richard Ellis Age, Height, Weight, Childhood, Career

Looking back at his childhood and upbringing, Richard grew up like any other kid. He is a 90s kid raised by his parents in the suburbs of New York. He is not the only child because he spent his childhood alongside his brother Nick Ellis. Both of them started on their guitar journey at an early age. The whole family spent almost thirteen years in NY before moving to Connecticut. Richard later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career, but his family still resides back in Connecticut.

Richard was all ready to venture into his musical career. Growing up, he learned about four instruments and involved in different band practices. After his musical fire settled down, the future actor thought of getting a degree like all other kids and maintain a decent job. With such plans, he enrolled in the University of Connecticut in 2013. He was studying physical therapy. He continued his studies and gradually started his Kinesiology studies in 2015.

Somewhere during this time, the boy decided to drop his studies, and the reason behind the act is quite impressive. As it happens, Richard got inspired by the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. He got so excited that he left his studies, persuaded his mother, and started taking acting courses. Maybe it was the superb acting of Leonardo or the Margot Robbie moments; young Richard lists these actors as their favorites to this day.

Ellis has all the qualities to become a great actor. He has a decent height of 5 feet 9 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 75 kg. His cheekbones could cut through glass, and his eyes could stare into your soul. Maybe I am exaggerating his aesthetics too much but look at the guy. He is young, talented, and easy on the eyes. What else can you ask from a boy of his age?

Richard Ellis Net Worth, Career and Netflix

Fast forward to the end of Richard’s school career, the guy packed his belongings and moved to the city of Angels. With eyes set on stardom and a thirst for the opportunity, he roamed from agency to agency for the perfect chance. Eventually, he convinced an agent and auditioned for a role in the revival series of Veronica Mars. The boy got hired in 2019 and made his first on-screen debut. The actor only got featured in a single episode, but that left him with the taste of acting. Following this role, he managed to get another part in the movie The Wretched and portrayed the role of Gage.

As 2019 moved on, Richard’s career took positive leaps. He slowly but steadily sunk his roots more in-depth into the acting field and with every credit under his name, the budding actor honed his skills. The boy finally got a steady job in the show Should I Do It? where he played the role of Alex Peters. In the coming months, he also contributed to the movie Killer Therapy. All these credits compiled and worked as the portfolio for his most significant role in 2020 in the Netflix series “I Am Not Okay with This“.

Who Plays Brad in “I Am Not Okay with This”?

Who? Of course our beloved young man Richard. Richard auditioned for the part in the Netflix series. Producer Jonathan Entwistle had a certain kind of requirement for the role of Brad for his series and Ellis successfully convinced him with his audition and acting skills. Talking about the series, the series inclines on the comedy part of high school life fused with supernatural elements as a treat for the audience. The lead role gets portrayed by Sophia Lillis (Sydney), and the story revolves around the girl struggling with her puberty and family troubles. Dina is another character who supports the leading role as her best friend. So where does Brad comes in?

Well, remember the high school rude character we discussed earlier? Yes, Richard seamlessly portrays his character. In the series, he is the boyfriend of Sydney, and he creates somewhat of an emotional barrier between the two best friends. If you like to learn more about other characters, here is an article on Sofia Bryant or Dina.

Richard Ellis Instagram and Net Worth

With the increasing popularity of the series, Richard’s influence has spread on the internet. He currently holds 76.1 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. His photos primarily revolve around fashion, style, and friends. He also got featured on the FAULT magazine cover.

With all these success and credits under his name, the boy celebrates an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. The numbers are taken according to 2020 statistics and might deviate from the mentioned amount as the year passes by. Nonetheless, the young actor is living a luxurious life in LA.

Some Interesting Facts on Richard Ellis

  • Asides from his acting career, Richard likes to sing and play the guitar.
  • His mother is a nutrition specialist by profession.
  • Before he switched his intention towards acting, he had his eyes on becoming a physical therapist.
  • The handsome young man also partakes in photoshoots and modelling.
  • His favourite actor is Leonardo Decaprio and actress is Margot Robbie.
  • Australia is his dream destination for a holiday.
  • In his free time, the young man loves to read, sketch, and do some Theatre play.
  • Of all the types of food, he adores Italian Cuisine.

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